As technology becomes more dependent on the Internet of Things, smart sensors that can detect information from the physical world and perform specified instructions or relay the data to other systems are becoming integral part of new product designs. RFID sensors are the obvious choice for sectors wanting to take advantage of these technological advancements. With almost unlimited applications, Orion will transform you business, wireless and sim free, Orion smart sensors can streamline business activities, making your activities effective and efficient in an increasingly demanding global market.

  • 1- Pallet Tracking RFID GPS Tracking Systems
  • 2- Breweries & Distilleries RFID GPS Tracking System
  • 3- Plant Security System RFID GPS Tracking System
  • 4- Military RFID GPS Tracking Systems
  • 5- Automotive RFID GPS Tracking System
  • 6- Cash in Transit – RFID GPS Tracking System
  • 7 – Construction RFID GPS Tracking Systems
  • 8 – Pallet Tracking RFID GPS Tracking Systems
  • 9 – Container Tracking RFID GPS Tracking System
  • 10 – County Council RFID GPS Tracking Systems
  • 11 – Farm, Machinery and Livestock RFID GPS Tracking Systems

RFID Features

Asset Tracking

People Tracking

Way Finding

Oil & Gas plant workers tracking

Warehouse & Logistics Tracking

Fleet Tracking

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