Q-Mobile has a talented pool of experts for developing application in both traditional and agile methodologies.Waterfall based SDLC as well as the Agile practices like SCRUM, RUP (Rational Unified Process), TDD (Test Driven Development). A rich set of processes allow the team to pick and chose and tailor them in accordance with the project execution methodology selected.

The development is done through the phases of requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, Integration and maintenance.

Q-Mobile’s project management framework is an extension of the PMI project management lifecycle.

Q-Mobile Emphasis is on planning tight control on schedules and cost variance.

Our expertised team has catered a large geography. Having worked with Startups and Enterprises, we have achieved experience with both kinds of businesses. We are a one stop shop that deal with Application Development, Concept designing, UI/UX, Scalable Deployment and Maintaining the app post deployment.

Our Strategy


Our Agile Methodology

Story Boarding

Screenwriting apps. These follow the same idea as the desktop software, except for use on your mobile phone or tablet.

Sprint Review

Scheduled to test, code, and determine the usability of a piece of the App.

Daily Scrum

An essential sync up meeting in both Scrum and Kanban methodologies. It is an agile ceremony held for the Development Team facilitated by the Scrum Master.


In agile development, software requirements prioritization is considered a vital part of the project.


An opportunity for the Scrum Team to reflect and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next sprint.

Sprint Retrospective

To find out what worked well and what didn’t, in the last iteration, where The team tries to find out any issue that is affecting the progress.


Our Software Sizing is used to estimate the size of a software application or component to support cost estimating.

Release Planning

Release deadlines are often fixed, imposed externally by such things as tradeshows, accounting pressures, or contractual obligations.


Enables to access information about development associated applications and to track the progress of an application from lodgement to determination.

Iteration Planning

Daily goal is to move the development needle along while monitoring and controlling costs without compromising quality.

Sprint Meeting

Sets the goals, priorities, and explains context around the choices for this sprint.